Having Multiple Types of Court Reporters

In recent years, court reporting firms have become far more than just that. Firms across the nation are spreading their wings by offering a vast number of litigation services on top of excellent court reporting. It is common knowledge that videography is often a staple of court reporting firms, but many firms have expanded to offer streaming services, trial presentation work, conference room rental, and so much more.

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These additions take business to the next level, but the core of these litigation support firms, however, remains true: court reporting. Along with these new services, court reporting firms must also strive to take their court reporting to the next level.

This is why having professionals who are certified in more than the standard court reporting license is extremely valuable. Many court reporting professionals have taken it upon themselves to receive a variety of reporting certifications, making them all the more precious to their clients and their firms.

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Hanna Reporting has made it their mission to employ a wide variety of court reporting professionals. Their team of Houston court reporters are made up of Certified Realtime Reporters, Certified Livenote Reporters, and Certified Live Deposition Reporters. Each of these professionals have unique skills that prove to be a huge asset for individual clients and unique cases. Having the ability to chose between which court reporting professional you need makes a world of difference.

Hanna Reporting’s specialized staff is among the best and most coveted in the Houston area. Their variety of reporters, as well as their variety of litigation services, makes them a one-stop-shop for attorneys and paralegals — something that is highly important for these busy professionals. Their services make them marketable, which is key to a thriving business.

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Everything Hanna Reporting does is all for the betterment of their client’s cases — as client satisfaction is the most important aspect of business to the these Houston court reporters. Upon seeing the innovations that make their clients so satisfied, other firms are taking the hint from Hanna Reporting.

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