Preparedness During a Crisis

It is an unfortunate truth that when healthy and well, many do not think to plan for their future. Financial planning and estate planning can come into question down the road, but the problem is that “down the road” is rougher, and you’ll wish you took the time to make plans before then.

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In times of crisis, that need is exacerbated. Take the current situation our country is currently facing. COVID-19 has, and continues to, wreck havoc across the world. To practice social distancing, businesses are shutting down, curfews are being placed, and people are staying home. Even if one isn’t directly effected by the virus, they feel the effects of it in every aspect of their lives, leading many to wonder why they didn’t make plans for their future when things were easier.

The staff at Shalloway & Shalloway understands that these things happen. No one wants to face the inevitability of the future, so putting together one’s will, planning the distribution of one’s assets, and considering guardianship are things many tend to avoid. During these trying times, Shalloway & Shalloway’s dedicated attorneys know that the state of the world may be a wake-up call for some.

For those who want consultation to help them make educated decisions about any needs that fall under elder and special needs law, the staff at Shalloway & Shalloway is there. These attorneys are specialized in all things elder law — from Medicaid/long-term/asset protection, to veterans benefits, to wills & trusts, and so much more.

During these these uncertain times, these skilled West Palm Beach attorneys are only a phone-call or email away. Get in contact with the firm that is one of Palm Beach Post’s BEST OF Palm Beach and consult Shalloway & Shalloway for your legal needs.

Call (561) 686–6200 or fill out this contact form to get in touch with Shalloway & Shalloway.

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